What We Do

The Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara’ born in May 2005 THE WILL’ of the two players Neapolitan, Fabio Cannavaro and Ciro Ferrara, to provide practical support to their city’ d’origine. Far from Naples because of the profession, the two samples gave shape to the desire to exercise close to the people not only with the heart, but going into the field in their favor.

We want to be a reference point on the Neapolitan territory for all children and children living in difficult circumstances', diasagio and social exclusion.

L'obiettivo and’ to provide them with concrete opportunities’ redemption and Wellness, through support of projects and actions in the socio-health, formative, leisure / sport.

We want to be a place to report, Reference, Support for all who, with us, you want to commit to a more equitable and sustainable, through the development of the culture of gift.

The aim of our work is to help solve critical issues in the social context of the city of Naples and its provincial areas, contrasting different forms of child distress.

The Foundation, formed with an initial capital of 55.000 €, is financed through donations from individuals and companies, or through special initiatives related to the image of the two founders.