The Foundation

The Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara…

Delivery Foundation
Analyze the needs of children and priorities for action.

Work in partnership with local nonprofit organizations that have direct experience with children at risk.

Select social projects and will encourage and seek the funding needed for their realization.

Active Foundation
Building Relationships with different types of bodies

Join local calls, national and European joint planning for the exchange of best practices and collaboration on integrated development programs.

Coordinates and monitors programs by assessing the impact and results.

Engine Solidarity
Enhance social relationships so that everyone can exercise the duty of solidarity on the principle of “responsibilities towards each other”.

The Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara Onlus, from 2005, operates in the city and province of Naples supporting social projects for children and youth.
We carry out philanthropic activities intermediary between the local associations I developed actions in degraded areas, and major donors, large and small, private and public, who can participate actively with economic resources, material and human.
We cater to non-profit organizations and Religious Missions, to business associations and individual companies, to public bodies and institutions, to private citizens and towns in order to activate relations oriented to the welfare of children living in high-risk situations, promoting the rights and possibilities.