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The Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara is aimed at associations recognized, Non-Governmental Organizations, Social cooperatives, Religious Institutes, other foundations that operate for the benefit of, adolescence and youth in order to implement interventions that contribute to the decrease of the discomfort and the development of rights and opportunities.

Reasons preferential contact with agencies and evaluating their design ideas are more according to the following criteria:

1. reliability and experience in the organization;

2. compared to the urgency of social need;

3. novel approach to the problem;

4. sustainability over time;

5. ability to arouse interest among the community of reference;

6. congruity between the amount requested and the intended purpose;

7. ability to stimulate other contributions.

The Fondazione Cannavaro Ferrara is interested in creating partnership active in the region, national and international, that contact with bodies can be realized at any time of year.